Who stands behind BB4Balance?

I am Barbara Boeckenhoff, and it was my personal desire and dream to start BB4Balance. My story and background are certainly a bit dissimilar from most of the people that work in this field.

For 15 years, I was in `do-modus´ in the automotive industry (Porsche AG), out of which 10 years in management, 6 years working and living abroad with lots of traveling. I preferred to spend my free time with power sports so that I came along Yin Yoga, Meditation and Energy work just by coincidence. I learned how powerful mindfulness and reflection can be, and how to master everyday challenges and decisions with inner strength.

Because of my positive experiences, I took several trainings to learn all these methods and tools over the past years. As I do like to support YOU how I did receive and experience support, well-being, vitality, and emotional tidiness. And, I also understand  and can help you with work- and business-related challenges.

It is my personal desire to guide you on your way and your development.

Recharge your batteries.
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