It is important to me that you can enjoy my treatments and that I can help you with your symptoms.

My sessions can take place Online. The results you will feel automatically. See below all details.

Feel great – Tailormade.


  • Marjolijn
    My friend and I had a very nice yoga/meditation session with Barbara. The level was could nicely be taken up. It was entirely relaxing! Had some nice support from Barbara in the meditation! She really is a warm and nice person. Certainly recommended!!
    Utrecht Holland
  • Franziska S.
    The highlight of the day - I booked a sound bowl session with Babara for a group of friends. A relaxing and energy-restoring treatment was exactly what we needed after a whole day of activities. Babara brought the instruments and equipment to my apartment, I didn’t have to take care of anything. Everything was organised very professional and without any complications. She explained what she was doing very well beforehand, and we could relax, listen and feel the magic of the sounds „taking over“. For 45 minutes I felt captured by the story of singing sounds and swings resonating with my body. The possibility to share this experience amongst each other was another plus. Babara is a lovely and warm person creating an atmosphere of trust and freedom to fully enjoy the treatment.
    Franziska S.
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Vika
    I did Energy Coaching with Barbara and it was an intense but also healing experience. Finally, some of the blockages that stuck with me for a long time were released. After the treatment, I felt good, relieved, and content, although it can be quite emotional. However, Barbara offers support and protective casing to feel good and effectively work together. Again, any time. I can recommend it warmly to everyone.
    Southern Germany
  • Anke Riecke
    I enjoy letting Barbara treat me, as she is a wonderful person, has a high level of empathy and is truly knowledgeable. Therefore, I can recommend her with all my heart.
    Anke Riecke
    Southern Germany
  • Simone S.
    Delightful and intense sound session with different instruments. Thanks, dear Barbara that you have taken me - with your wonderful, delicate sound session - to my emotions and inner self. The feel of sound vibrations in the room and in your whole body is a very intense but also deep healing experience. Absolutely recommendable!
    Simone S.
    Southern Germany
  • Nina B.
    Ms. Boeckenhoff has on the hand a wonderful talent to attentively listen, and on the other hand, she is very analytical and has a high level of empathy. This all together makes her a perfect Coach. I always felt comfortable and safe, especially as some topics can be very surprising and shocking. During her remote treatment I felt physically what makes the whole energy topic realistic and tangible. After the first session, I already feel significantly emotionally released. I can really recommend her work. Just give it a try ?
    Nina B.
    Eastern Germany