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Sessions at Villa ‘Het Hoogland’ (Hogelandsepark, Utrecht) or Online/ Remote.

Yin Yoga – It is a slow-paced style of Yoga, where you hold the Asanas (postures) for 3 – 5 minutes. Yin Yoga increases flexibility, mobility, and circulation in the connective tissue of the body - fascia, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It is particularly recommended when you live a more active lifestyle. After practicing you feel properly stretched, healthy, and especially relaxed in body and mind. Duration ca. 60 – 90 minutes, depending on the focus area and your needs.

Fascial Yoga – Who needs Botox? A few exercises a day help your skin to look firmer and fresher. I do it myself with a great result. We will practice about 10 – 15 minutes. You can book this as an add-on to another session.

Morning Routine (Meridian tapping/ Stretching/ Meditation) – Dogs and cats stretch every morning to remain flexible. Why do we not apply this to our morning routine and always find something more important in our everyday life? - I have no idea. Anyway, all joints will be trained, main fascia mobilized, and meridians (TCM) stimulated. I will motivate you for ca. 10 – 15 minutes. More time is not required. You can book this as an add-on to another session.

Fascia Training – Probably the most painful treatment but at the same time it comes with the most released feeling afterwards. You find fascia in the whole body, underneath the skin, around the organs, deep in your body. Fascia is discovered ca. 15 years ago. Regular stimulation of fascia helps the body to age smoothly and to maintain flexible. My mantra here: less is more. Fascia trainings can be combined with Yin Yoga. Duration ca. 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the focus area. 

Sound Meditation – Sound instruments, and singing bowls are resonating with your body, which consists 70% of water, through vibration and sound waves and therefore lead to very deep relaxation and maybe even the release of blockages. Just lean back and relax. Possible as a group session or alone. Duration ca. 60 minutes.

Singing Bowl Massage – Singing bowls are placed on different areas of your body to release tension, blockages and to initiate deep relaxation. The vibration of the singing bowls is resonating with the body that contains ca. 70% water. You wear your normal clothes during the treatment. Duration 60 minutes.

Energy Coaching / Energy Healing – I have access to several methods from energy work, homeopathy, meridian tapping, color treatments and counseling.

With my work, I will stimulate your self-healing powers. Imagine the following: I take your hand, open the door, and guide you there. You just need to go through the door yourself. I will not stop a session if we are still in the middle of it. You can be certain that you will always walk out with a good feeling. When is it helpful?

You often feel a lack of energy, sense issues with your partner / family members, attract wrong people / situations, are somehow stuck, want to release stress and other emotions, especially decrease the worrying thoughts in your mind?  

I can treat you on all five layers of your aura, to release mental blockages, traumas, fundamental beliefs and doctrines, oaths, can connect or cut you from morphological fields, work with systematic family constellations, and can treat on soul level.  Duration ca. 90 – 120 minutes per session.

Reiki – Is a Japanese form of energy healing and alternative medicine, founded by Usui Mikao. Rei means `mind and soul´ and Ki universal energy. You will receive this energy through me as the channel and it will flow to the areas in your body and mind where needed the most. The goal is to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health and to encourage your self-healing powers. I hold the highest Reiki certification, the Master grade, which is most powerful. Duration ca. 60 minutes.

Energetic (House-)Cleaning – Have you ever felt uncomfortable, restless, fearful in a house or apartment? Or have you ever felt immediately quite at home somewhere? That has to do with energies in this place. I will release your private comfort zone from burdening, stressing energies that can come from conflicts, diseases, death, jealousy, etc. and that can be stuck in a respective location. I especially recommend this before moving into a new place/home/residence to release negative energies and burdens from the previous owner. Sessions are done in person or remotely. Duration ca. 10 – 15 minutes.

Business Coaching – I gained 15 years’ experience in several countries and work positions with the most differing colleagues, customers, and leadership. Therefore, I can certainly understand you and your respective concern and support you to find solutions for your conflicts, situations, and answers to your questions. I am using tools out of my portfolio to reach the best results for you. Duration ca. 60 – 90 minutes per session.

Business Consulting for Starters – Through my services, you receive everything from one source. We can brainstorm about your new business, develop concepts and strategies, and find out how to reach more profitability. Please note that we can even do this after one of the above treatments. Duration is depending on your respective question and requirement.

Planned for Winter (depending on the developments of COVID-19 regulations) – Day Retreats in Utrecht with Yin Yoga, Sound Meditation, intention setting, Reiki and just Feel-Good vibes. We will close the day with a winetasting.

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